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Re: Cyclic generator of a cyclic expression

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On Thursday, September 26, 2013 2:41:29 AM UTC-5, Francisco Javier Garc=EDaCapit=E1n wrote:
> Dear friends,
> Given a cyclic expression say in x,y,z like
> x^4 + y^4 + z^4 - y^2 z^2 - z^2 x^2 - x^2 y^2
> what is your more or less elegant way to get a cyclic generator, like
> x^4 - y^2 z^2 ?
> Thank you very much.
> ---
> Francisco Javier Garc=EDa Capit=E1n

This may seem slightly backwards but we'll first show code to do the reverse, that is, invariantize a given expression with respect to cyclic shifting of the vvariable list. Note that this is order-dependent so we must provide the explicit list.

cyclicInvariantize[expr_, vars_] :=
 Sum[expr /. Thread[vars -> RotateRight[vars, j]], {j, Length[vars]}]

Example (reverse of what you want):

In[62]:= ci = cyclicInvariantize[x^4 - y^2 z^2, {x, y, z}]

Out[62]= x^4 - x^2 y^2 + y^4 - x^2 z^2 - y^2 z^2 + z^4

Now we use this as follows. For each monomial in a given input, invariantize it. Then for each first occurrence of an invariantized subexpression, choose the monomial that gave rise to it. Sum the chosen monomials.

In[80]:= cyclicGenerator[expr_Plus, vars_] := Module[
  {mtab = List @@ expr, seen, reptab},
  invars = cyclicInvariantize[#, vars] & /@ mtab;
  reptab =
   Table[If[TrueQ[seen[invar]], False, seen[invar] = True;
     True], {invar, invars}];
  Total[Pick[mtab, reptab]]

Your example:

In[81]:= cyclicGenerator[ci, {x, y, z}]

Out[81]= x^4 - x^2 y^2

Daniel Lichtblau
Wolfram Research

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