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Re: Solving special exponential integral

Using the variable substitution a -> Sqrt[x - b]
represented here by the function g, Mathematica gives
the following result:

In[1]:= With[{f =
   Function[a, E^(-((a^2 * b * c^2)/(a^2 + b)))/(a^2 + b)^2],
  g = Function[x, Sqrt[x - b]]},
  f[g[x]] D[g[x], x], {x,
   Sequence @@ InverseFunction[g] /@ {0, Infinity}}]]

Out[1]= ConditionalExpression[(
 E^(-((b c^2)/
   2)) \[Pi] (BesselI[0, (b c^2)/2] + BesselI[1, (b c^2)/2]))/(
 4 b^(3/2)), Re[c^2] < 0 && b > 0]

Perhaps this helps...

"simone8888" <stefanvuckovic1 at> wrote in message
news:lckihv$1hc$1 at
> I have tried to solve this integral:
> Integrate[E^(-((a^2 b c^2)/(a^2 + b)))/(a^2 + b)^2,a]
> Mathemathica is not able to solve it, I have tried the integration by
parts and it did not work, as well as some substitutions. Any idea how to
tackle this problem?

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