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Re: Memory leaks problem

Unfortunately, this is not an option,

In my problem i have to use function


and parameter "z" depends on pointer of loop (wsk)

I tried to use ClearSystemCache[] and no effects too,

In my real calculation it is a big problem:

Temporary solution is to calculate only one loop, then Exit[] and run again and so on,
But is not comfortable solution

regards, Olaf

Sseziwa Mukasa <mukasa at> wrote:
> Looks like Integrate stores information on each call, compare to these
> results:
> ClearAll["`*"];
> $HistoryLength = 0;
> n = 5;
> integral = Integrate[Sin[p], {p, 0, 3}];
> Do[bound = Table[{wsk, integral}, {wsk, 1, 100}];
>  ClearAll[bound];
>  Print[MemoryInUse[]], {st, 1, n}];
> 46966216

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