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boolean simplication question

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  • Subject: boolean simplication question
  • From: uunet!SLCS.SLB.COM!kant
  • Date: Wed, 18 Oct 89 11:18:17 -0500

Does anyone have a Mathematica package that can simplify expressions
with And, Or, etc. so that And[A, !A] goes to False and so on?  

Second clarification message:

To clarify my previous message, we have written part of a simplification
package ourselves but there seem to be some strange problems.
Part of the problem with redefining or defining your own versions of And
and Or seems to be that if you add the attribute "Flat", definitions
like AND[X__, A_, Y___, !A_, X___] := False don't seem to work/match.  
If you make these definitions without the Flat attribute, they work ok.
I don't understand why that happens either.  Any suggestions?

Thanks.  -- Elaine
kant at SLCS.SLB.COM

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