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pristine example--and a lesson

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  • Subject: pristine example--and a lesson
  • From: uunet!SLCS.SLB.COM!macg (Bill Macgregor)
  • Date: Fri, 1 Jun 90 09:32:57 CDT

(For me; you may already know it.  All of my lessons are learned
the hard way, of course.  On the 1-10 importance scale, this one
rates a 9, I'd say.)  


Consider this script (it's very simple):

In[1]:= f[x_] := g[x] /; flag;

In[2]:= e = f[x] + g[x]

Out[2]= f[x] + g[x]

In[3]:= e

Out[3]= f[x] + g[x]

In[4]:= flag = True

Out[4]= True

In[5]:= e

Out[5]= f[x] + g[x]

In[6]:= Update[]

In[7]:= e

Out[7]= 2 g[x]

  - Bill

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