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  • Subject: Apply&Map
  • From: uunet!!Alfy_N_Riddle
  • Date: Sat, 2-Jun-90 02:12:43 PDT

Mathematica Users:
  Rather often I have had the need to apply a function, which had several
arguments, to each row of a list. I will not mention the kludges I used
to use to do this, but a friend helped me find what a solution which now
looks all TOO obvious. It may be useful to others.

In[1]:= fn @@ #& /@ {{1,2},{3,4}}

Out[1] = {fn[1,2], fn[3,4]}

This code maps a pure function over a matrix, and then applies the desired
function, fn, to each row. If your function uses options you can use:

In[2]:= fn[ ##, opt1->2 ] @@ #& /@ {{1,2},{3,4}}

Out[2]= {fn[1,2,opt1->2], fn[3,4,opt1->2]}

Best wishes,
  Alfy Riddle (alfy at

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