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Re: Consolidating the messages

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  • Subject: Re: Consolidating the messages
  • From: uunet!nucthy.PHYSICS.ORST.EDU!ghe (Guangliang He)
  • Date: Fri, 1 Jun 90 12:59:28 PDT

[In your message entitled "Consolidating the messages", on May 31, you write:]
>    Dealing with 5 or 10 messages a day (each with its own
>header, etc.) has become a nuisance.  I would prefer the system
>exemplified by TeXhax Digest, where the moderator collects the
>messages and sends them out as one large file every 3 days (say),
>or when the accumulation has reached (say) 20 kilobytes,
>whichever happens first.
>    This would slow down responses, but copies of replies to
>specific queries should be sent directly to the original enquirer
>in any event.
>    There may be people with email who don't have access to
>sci.math.*, so that option would cut them out.
>                                   Steve Fulling

Personally, I don't like to read those Digest type things. It forces me to
(at least) scan over all the messages before I could reach the message I
want to read. I'm much happier to deal with individual messages. Of course,
creating a new news group is a much better idea. But as always, it's only my
own opinion. 

                            Guangliang He

                            ghe at PHYSICS.ORST.EDU
                            hegl at ORSTVM.BITNET

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