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Re: Loading plots into Framemaker

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  • Subject: Re: Loading plots into Framemaker
  • From: karl at (Karl Frederick Arrington)
  • Date: Mon, 18 Feb 91 16:08:43 -0500

Funny you should ask, I have just spent the last couple of days
learning FrameMaker and raving about it being able to do everying that
I have come to expect from my Mac, but I wasted most of yesterday
trying to import a Mathematica ps file into FrameMaker and am now very
dissapointed in FM.

If you look in the index of the FrameMaker reference guide under
Postscript, it will refer you to a table near the back, which lists
graphics formats that may be used, these vary according to what
machine you are on, people with Macs and NeXTs seem to be pretty well
off in general, X-users seem to left wishing.  As far as I can tell,
at the moment all X-users can do is display the ps graphic, use
"Capture" from the "File" menu, then "Import" that bitmap graphic.  It
unfortunately has the jaggies (aliasing) from the screen that one has
come to expect from ps not to be in the final printout.  FM will take
Encapsulated Post Script, but it doesn't seem that is what Mathematica
produces.  A filter from regular PostScript to EPSI (if possible) may

If you find out more please let me know, currently I'm considering
going back to TeX, (yuck!).

Karl Frederick Arrington                 Private: 617-353-6181
Center for Adaptive Systems               Office: 617-353-7857
Cognitive and Neural Systems Program       email: karl at  (ARPANET)
Boston University
111 Cummington Street, Second Floor
Boston, Massachusetts  02215  USA

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