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Questions about Mathematica

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  • Subject: Questions about Mathematica
  • From: ap at (Alain Picard)
  • Date: 12 MAR 91 19:20:57

I have a couple of question (suggestions?) about Mma.

1) I saw that there is now a version that runs on PC's under Windows.
   Q. Will there be a version for UNIX under some sort of window manager?
      i.e. X, or Motif, OpenWindow etc?
   Q. Are the notebooks between different systems compatible? If they're
      not, seems that ought to be fixed.

2) Since it's so nice to be able to cut&paste you Mma graphics into
   a word processor, it would be great to tell Mma to output a formula
   in mathematical notation. i.e., now you have to do
   %//TeXForm   and run TeX on the output etc... I'd like to bypass
   that step entirely.  Will this be possible in future releases?

Thanks in advance. E-mail is fine, but I'll keep my eyes on this group :-)

						Alain Picard

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