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  • Subject: ANOVA
  • From: David Withoff <withoff>
  • Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1992 10:16:20 -0500

Regarding your mathgroup posting about ANOVA in Mathematica, a few years
ago I started on an ANOVA package, and got as far as one-way and balanced
two-way designs (that is, not very far) before I moved on to other things.
I'd be happy to send you the package if you are interested.  I had two

1)  The mathematics isn't very difficult, but since I am not a trained
    statistician I don't know how to design the user interface in a way
    that will make sense to statisticians.  If someone could write up
    a design specification, I'm sure I could write the package (or arrange
    to have someone write the package) in about a month.

2)  The design matrices that arise from multi-way problems are often large
    sparse matrices, and Mathematica doesn't have any special facilities
    for handling such matrices.  Based on a few experiments, it seemed
    to me that the package would only be useful for relatively small problems.
    There is a plan to improve Mathematica in this regard.

Dave Withoff
withoff at

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