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  • Subject: MMA/postscript/Textures
  • From: gray at (Gary L. Gray)
  • Date: Sat, 8 Aug 92 01:11:06 CDT

Dear MathGroupers:

I need some information and advice from people knowledgeable about
exporting postscript graphics from Mathematica.

I use Mathematica 2.0 on the Macintosh and I generate a lot of
postscript graphics that I put in publications.  I want to be able
to add labels, arrows, and other descriptive additions to the
postscript graphics.  I haven't been able to do it all in
Mathematica so I have been importing the file to Canvas 3.0, making
the additions in PICT, and then exporting that PICT/postscript file
to Textures (TeX/LaTeX for the Mac).  The problem is that Textures
does not handle the PICT part from Canvas very well and often
doesn't print all of the PICT additions.  The makers of Textures
have told me that I can't expect any better from PICT and they
said I should be using a postscript graphics program such as Adobe
Illustrator or Aldus Freehand (By the way, Textures is an unbeatable
implemention of TeX on any platform.).  Here are the questions:  Does
anyone have experience with using either of those programs in the
way I want to use them?  Can either of them import Mathematica EPSF
files and if so, which handles it better?  Can I easily make
additions (not changes) and then export the file (save it to the
disk) as EPSF for Textures to import when typesetting?

Any information and advice would be greatly appreciated.  If I get
a huge response, I will compile the results and post them at

Thank you in advance.

Gary L. Gray
Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Internet: gray at

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