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Mathematica Anonymous FTP Archive Moves

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: Mathematica Anonymous FTP Archive Moves
  • From: stevec at
  • Date: Sat, 25 Jan 92 00:53:40 EST

MathGroup Members:

The Mathematica mailing list archive has been moved.  It is
now on (  This is an anonymous
ftp server only at this time.  There is no BITNET support.
The files are in the pub directory.

Subdirectories there are

MathGroup_Mail_Archive        Packages         Sci.Math.Symbolic

The Packages subdirectory currently contains the directories

BRAIDS                  JACOBSON                SIGNAL_PROCESSING
COCHLEAR_MODEL          JANHUNEN                SKIENA
DEMPSEY                 MAEDER                  STANFORD

The name of the directory either indicates what is in it or the person
who contributed the contents of the directory.  I will be creating
an index when I get time.  If you have contributed something to the
archive in the past, please send me an update if you have one.
I have updated the TEX-MMA and JACOBSON directories already.
The STANFORD directory contains everything that is on the
archive.  I will attempt to mirror that archive periodically.  The people
at Stanford have done an excellent job getting a lot of programs organized
in a nice form.

In some of the directories, there are compressed tar files (.tar.Z)
files for easy network transfer (don't forget to set binary transfer
in your ftp session).

The MathGroup_Mail_Archive and Sci.Math.Symbolic directories
contain old MathGroup mail and some of the articles in the
net newsgroup of the same name.  These are out of date.  I plan
to update them soon.  I have started to archive all of the sci.math.symbolic
articles and will try to keep that directory updated at least once
per month.

If you have anything to contribute to the archive, there are two ways to
do it.  If the files are small, you can email them to me and I will
place them there.  Please include a README or other description file
so that users can find out what is there.  I will also mail the description
file to the mailing list announcing its availability.  If your files are
large or there are many files, you can ftp them to the incoming directory
on the server.  Disk space is limited so please notify me if you put
something on the server.  I can also accept 1/4" QIC-24 or QIC-150 
tar tapes, 800K Mac 3.5" disks or MS-DOS format 3/5" disks sent to the
address below.

If you have any problems accessing the server or suggestions, please
send email to mathgroup-request at

Steve Christensen
MathSolutions, Inc.
P.O. Box 16175
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Phone/FAX: 919-967-9853

One final note:  If you send mail to the mailing list and it  "bounces",
try sending to stevec at  Mail to that address does not go
to the yoda machine.  If yoda goes down, there is no good way for
me to let you know.  So, if you do not hear from the mailing list
for a few weeks, send me an email and I will let you know what
is going on.

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