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Reduce weirdness

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  • Subject: Reduce weirdness
  • From: alex at (Alex Dommasch)
  • Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 14:50:40 MST

Look at this example:

	In[1]:= Reduce[x foo[x] == 0]


	   The equations appear to involve transcendental
	     functions of the variables in an essentially
	     non-algebraic way.

	Out[1]= Reduce[x foo[x] == 0]

	In[2]:= Reduce[id[x] foo[x] == 0]

	Out[2]= id[x] != 0 && foo[x] == 0 || id[x] == 0

(x, foo[_], and id[_] are undefined).  What I want is the behavior of  
the second expression without having to replace x with something like  
id[x] everywhere it appears alone.  (Note: this is a stripped down  
example.  My real equation has dozens of terms.)  Can anybody help  


(BTW, with MMA on the NeXT, how do you copy part of a notebook and  
paste it in a mail message, without losing the In[_] and Out[_]  
labels?  I'm getting tired of adding them by hand.)
Alex Dommasch, Programmer                       |--   

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Department of Chemistry, University of Utah     V     

Salt Lake City, Utah 84112                      |->|..
(801)581-7168		FAX: (801)581-4353      |- |. 

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