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Re: Can MMa run on a NeXT with 8Mbyte?

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  • Subject: Re: Can MMa run on a NeXT with 8Mbyte?
  • From: tlm at (Tom Marchioro)
  • Date: Mon, 14 Sep 92 11:30:56 CDT

[]Sorry for such a mundane question, but the Wolfram people say to ask the NeXT
[]people and vice-versa. 
[]Symptoms: After starting up MMA (2.0 on a NeXTstation Turbo), and trying to
[]evaluate 1 + 1, it more or less hangs. I can edit the expression or add new
[]ones, but the kernal apparently cannot finish the evaluation. If I fire up a
[]terminal window and run MMa in line mode, it works fine. 
[]Thanks for any assistance. 

Hi, I know these symptoms and you've almost certainly done nothing
more complicated than to improperly install your Mma so that the
front end does not know how to find the kernel.  When you go to command
line mode and type "math" that accesses the kernel directly, but the
front end has to actually reach out and grab the kernel.  I did this 
myself back when I upgraded from 2.0 to (or whatever silly
thing they called it) because I had taken the time to "fix" the 
Gourmet demo by making some symbolic links to the Mma files, which I then
forgot to remove before upgrading.  Thus, the front end would look for the
kernel, find these symbolic links, and get caught in an infinite loop trying
to locate it.  

Rather than pursuing this through the mathgroup, why don't you send
me the basics of your installation (i.e. location of, 
math, mcc and exact version #, whether Gourmet works, etc) and
we can work it out. At worst you'll just have to do a re-install.

Incidentally, I took the time (and long distance phone money!) to call WRI
and tell htem about this, so I'm rather disappointed in their response to 

Best --- Tom

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