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Mathematica in Education announcement

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               Mathematica in Education
                    Volume 3, 1993                    

           TELOS/Springer-Verlag Publishers 
                (beginning Fall 1993)

Paul R. Wellin, Editor-in-Chief
Sonoma State University
wellin at

Allan Hayes, Associate Editor
Leicester University
hay at

Jose Rial, Associate Editor
University of North Carolina
jar at

Richard J. Gaylord, Contributing Editor
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
gaylord at

Leon Hall, Contributing Editor
University of Missouri, Rolla
C0635 at

Matthew Thomas, Contributing Editor
Washington University in St. Louis
thomas at

Mathematica in Education, beginning its third year of
publishing, is an interdisciplinary, quarterly journal
devoted to the use of Mathematica in undergraduate and
graduate education. Articles are peer-reviewed and
should interest a wide audience of mathematicians, 
scientists, and engineers who use Mathematica in the

In each issue of Mathematica in Education we publish 
articles from people using Mathematica in their
classrooms in a variety of disciplines.  Articles cover
curricular, pegagogical, or philosophical issues related to
the use of CAS in education. A regular feature is
"Excursions in Programming" with an additional column of
student work scheduled to debut in the upcoming issue.
We also print lists of workshops, seminars, conferences,
etc., that might be of interest to Mathematica users in
education. We list email, archive sites, ftp sites, etc.,
that contain Mathematica related materials.

Some recently published articles include:

-  "Cinematic Thinking and Mathematica", by Steve
Dunbar and David Fowler of the University of Nebraska.

- "Geomathematics: Teaching Geosciences with
Mathematica", by Jose Rial of the University of North

- "Mathematica During Office Hours", by Kirk Mathews
of the Air Force Institute of Technology.

- "A Deceptive Definite Integral", by Stan Wagon of 
Macalester College.

- "Enhanced Animations and Flipbooks", by Carl
Swenson of Seattle University.

- "Applying Mathematica in Decision Support Systems",
by Jerry Chin of Southwest Missouri State University.

- "A Probability Lesson with Mathematica", by Lennart
Rade of Chalmers Institute of Technology (Sweden).

- "Sums of Cubes of Digits", by Allan Hayes of Leicester
University (England). 

- "Using Mathematica to Find Closed Form Expressions
for Approximations to Sqrt[x]", by Alfred Gray and Ronald
Knill of the University of Maryland and Tulane University.

- "The Layer Model of the Nucleus", by A. Bobeszko

- "Mathematica as a Writing Tool", by Luz Maria 
DeAlba of Drake University.

- "An Interview with Stephen Wolfram", conducted 
Winter 92/92.

- "Symbolic Geometry, Golden Spirals, and Descartes-
Geometry", by Denis Monsasse of Mathsoft Overseas, 
Inc. (France).

- "Using Mathematica to do Cost of Capital
Calculations", by Simon Benninga of Wharton School
of Business.

- "Lattice Dynamics for a Simplified DNA Model", by 
John Powell and Richard Crandall of Reed College.

In addition to the above articles, Mathematica in Education 
has reviewed many books and course supplements as well as 
MathSource materials.

The subscription rates are listed below.  Note, we have
started electronic distribution of subscriptions via
MathSource for those with access to a PostScript viewer
and/or printer. You must have access to the Internet,
Bitnet, etc., to take advantage of this service.

                Hard Copy       Electronic      Combined
Personal:       $30             $20             $40
Institutional:  $45             $25             $60
Student:        $15             $10             $20

We have recently shipped Vol.2 No.3. Beginning with the 
Fall 1993 issue (Vol.3 No.1), we will be published by 
TELOS/Springer-Verlag Publishers. This arrangement allows 
us a wider market and distribution than is otherwise possible. 
It also allows for an expansion in terms of breadth of coverage 
and volume of articles published. The editorial policies and 
board will remain intact through this transition.

If you wish to take out a subscription, send a check
(drawn on a US bank) made payable to Mathematica in
Education to the address listed below.  If you wish to pay
by Visa or Mastercard, please include acct.# and
expiration date. Alternately, you can request a 
subscription via email or fax and pay by credit
card. You can also be billed for any subscriptions.

For author submission information, please contact any
of the editors at the email addresses listed above, or 
contact Paul Wellin at the address below.

Paul Wellin, Editor
Mathematica in Education
Department of Mathematics
Sonoma State University
Rohnert Park, CA  94928  USA

fax: 707-664-2505
email: wellin at
NeXTmail: MathInEd at

Ordering Info (send to address, fax, or email above):

Name: _____________________________________________
Department: _______________________________________
Organization: _____________________________________
Address: __________________________________________
City: ________________  State/Province: ___________
Country: __________    Zip/Postal Code: ___________
email: ____________________________________________

Personal Subscription:
   ___ Hard copy ($30)
   ___ Electronic ($20) - email address required
   ___ Combined ($40) - email address required

Student Subscription:
   ___ Hard copy ($15)
   ___ Electronic ($10) - email address required
   ___ Combined ($20) - email address required

Institutional Subscription:
   ___ Hard copy ($45)
   ___ Electronic ($25) - email address required
   ___ Combined ($60) - email address required

All foreign subscriptions (outside of North America) add
$11 for air mail postage and handling of hard copy 
subscriptions.  California residents add 7.5% sales tax.

Method of Payment:

   ___ Check enclosed
   ___ Bill me
   ___ Mastercard     ___ Visa
   Card #: ______________________________
   Expiration date: _____________________

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