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NeXT and the NeXT of us!

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  • Subject: NeXT and the NeXT of us!
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  • Date: Fri, 12 Feb 93 11:50:25 EST

Concerning Elias Saab's question:
I would appreciate any comments about the recent news of NeXT selling  
its hardware to Cannon. Does this mean the beginning of the end of  
the NeXT machines?

What is going  to [happen to] all of us who invested in teaching  
classrooms that we  equipped with NeXT machines to teach Calculus and  

I for one do not know anything about the future of NeXT machines.  We  
have some 225 or so on campus and for the most part enjoy using them,  
especially the operating system, the common features of and movement  
between applications, the mail, and Mathematica on the NeXT.   
However, we are most anxious about continuation, not of the machines,  
but of NeXTStep operating system.  We are giving serious thought here  
to asking students (several years from now though) to have their own  
notebook computer, say 486, and we believe NeXTStep 486, would serve  
us very well on that platform.  Thus while loving the NeXT machines,  
at those prices, say compared to a "bland" 486 DOS machine pumped up  
with all the goodies of NeXTStep, one may find better pricing.   
Certainly NeXTStep on 486 DOS machines may prove cheaper than having  
to purchase a 486 DOS machine AND all the goodies included in the  
NeXTStep for just plain old DOS machines.

Of course one of the features of Mathematica is the transportability  
of notebooks so NeXT and Mathematica need not be the only wedding to  

Frankly, if the company that brought you the NeXT machine and  
NeXTStep - both superb feats - is forced (why, I do not fully  
understand) to concentrate only on software, I would say they will do  
an even more impressive job in this regard.  I do worry about the  
bundling aspect of the release though, e.g. will NeXTStep contain all  
the applications currently included in the operating system when one  
buys the machine, quotation source, dictionary, Mathematica,  
MonsterScope, etc.?

I do not feel badly about the decision of NeXT to move out of a line  
(NeXT machines) in which they may not have been competing  
successfully and concentrate on what they can, clearly, succeed at -  
excellent interface software.  But time will tell us more, will it  

Brian J. Winkel, Editor
PRIMUS, Cryptologia, Collegiate Microcomputer
Department of Mathematics
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Terre Haute IN 47803 USA
PHONE: 812-877-8412:  FAX 812-877-3198
email:  winkel at

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