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re: NeXT and Cannon

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  • Subject: re: NeXT and Cannon
  • From: "Charles W. Fletcher" <cwf at>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Feb 93 09:12:21 EST

I don't think this means the end of NeXT. What is means is you will see
a black computer running NeXTSTEP that says Cannon on it instead of NeXT.
And Dell, and Everex, and HP, and SGI, and ...

Most everyone agrees that NeXT had some good ideas (for hardware) but
they have really been passed by lately. It is difficult to maintain
a hardware edge when you rely on someone else to make your (CPU) chips.
And everyone agrees that what is really great about NeXT is what it
brings you in NeXTSTEP (Obj C, IB, WM, DL, etc.). NeXTSTEP is years ahead.
So why not put the best software with the best hardware? Well companies
like HP and SGI and DEC are not going to do this when they will end up
competing against the software company's hardware (in this case NeXT).
(Note that MS doesn't make computers.) Thus the need to shed the hardware
side of the company. 

I think there will be a couple of depressing, unsure months ahead with
NeXT until everyone realizes what's going on and Jobs makes his "big"
announcements (due in May), but overall I think NS will be a winner.
After all, wouldn't you like to see an HP "that just works". Or an
SGI that you can change the font on. The ability to run Quick RenderMan
at realtime speeds. I don't know what it will say on the box but in its
heart it will be a NeXT.

I say, keep on running your NeXTs, then convert your 486s, then your HP,
then your SGIs, then your DEC, then...who knows the sky (even with the
SUN in it) is the limit. And then it will all just work.

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ps--Someone want to tell Rich Page there is a job opening at Canon!-)

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