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Re: NeXT and Canon

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On Feb 10, 18:36, Elias Saab wrote:
> Does this mean the beginning of the end of the NeXT
> machines?

Having been orphaned many times in this industry, the answer is
clearly yes.

> What is going to all of us who invested in teaching classroms that we
> equipped with NeXT machines to teach Calculus and Mathematica?

The sale to Canon means it will continue to support the machines
you have already bought, but, short of Canon getting into the
computer business with a new line of machines based on the NeXT,
you shouldn't plan on getting any new ones. However, the ones you
have should give you several good years of service yet.

But never fear, Mma is ported to many platforms. The lowest-cost
solution is a 486 clone running SCO ODT and equipped with virtual
consoles from SunRiver each with a hi-res color CRT. That will
give you up to a 16-user system with each terminal functioning
as a pretty good color workstation.

Besides SunRiver, or Austin, Texas, Maxpeed of Foster City, CA,
also makes virtual console systems.

>-- End of excerpt from Elias Saab


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