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Re: mma operational concepts

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  • Subject: Re: mma operational concepts
  • From: Rob Trevor <robt at>
  • Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1993 17:05:56 +1100 (EST)

Mark Kotanchek asks:

> ...
> HOWEVER, I got to thinking some more (a dangerous thing, I know) and  
> started toying with the concept of buying a couple of 14.4 modems for  
> the machines and running the kernel on the NeXT and the front end on  
> the Powerbook/PowerPortrait. I was wondering if anybody had  
> implemented a similar configuration and, if so, what their impression  
> was of the setup?
I use a different setup, but a similar idea.  At work I use a Mac front
Mac front end to the same kernel via high speed modems and AppleTalk
Remote Access.  

Works fine, unless you get sloppy and do something that generates a large
amount of text or PostScript that the kernel sends back to the front end. 
Then it gets a little slow.

But, to my mind the advantages of a powerful kernel, plus the Unix system
allowing the use of InterCall, outway that disadvantage.

Hope that helps


PS.  In both cases, my front end / kernel communications are conducted
via MacTCP.  But in your case you'd just use the Comm ToolBox and a modem
or a serial connection tool.

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