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Re: Mathematica and calculus

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  • Subject: Re: Mathematica and calculus
  • From: amyy (Amy Young)
  • Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1993 14:55:56 -0600

>**Hello,  next year I shall be teaching calculus with NeXt machines & 
>mathematica.  Do those of you who have experience with calculus and 
>mathematica have any words of wisdoms, advice or software recommendations ?

Keith Stroyan has a preliminary version of his book "Calculus Using
Mathematica" from Academic Press, which contains several sample NeXT
Notebooks.If you are interested in getting this book, you can contact his
editor, Dave Pallai.  Dave's email is publisher at

>**Also, has anyone information about Workshops, or training programs for
>mathematica ?  I hear there is a conference in Nashville in June, does
>anyone have the details, or who to contact ?    THANKS  !!!!
>                                                -Beth Greenhalgh

You may wish to contact one of the professors at Vanderbilt, F. Clark
Williams to find out more about this Nashville workshop. His email is
williafc at ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu.  

Also, Wolfram Research is hosting a Developer Conference in Champaign on
May 6-8, 1993.  There will be other courseware developers there who also
have suggestions and ideas for you.  If you would like an Conference
application, please send me email.  

Lastly, there are Training and Workshop keywords on MathSource.  You may
wish to check these every so often by sending the email message 

Find Training
Find Workshops

to mathsource at  There is no subject heading needed.

Hope this helps,

Amy M. Young
Wolfram Research

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