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Symposium on QE & CAD

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  • Subject: Symposium on QE & CAD
  • From: Bob Caviness <caviness at>
  • Date: Thu, 28 Jan 93 08:25:03 -0500


                         October 6--8, 1993
              Research Institute for Symbolic Computation
                     Johannes Kepler Universitaet
                             Linz, Austria

1993 marks more than a quarter of a century of modern research on quantifier
elimination and is the year of the sixty-fifth birthday of George E.
Collins, one of the most important contributors to research on algorithms
for quantifier elimination , cylindrical algebraic decomposition, and
computer algebra in general.  So now is a most appropriate time to hold a
first ever conference emphasizing QE & CAD and one that will honor Professor
Collins' continuing contributions to the field.  The organizing committee
invites submission of papers presenting original research on topics related
to the symposium themes including:

- Algorithmic aspects of quantifier elimination
- Cylindrical algebraic decomposition
- Algorithmic aspects of real geometry
- Complexity of decision theories for elementary algebra and geometry
- Related computer algebra algorithms
- Implementations and systems in the symposium theme areas
- Applications of these techniques to other parts of
       mathematics and to high-tech  problems

                            CALL FOR PAPERS

Authors should send three(3) copies of papers before APRIL 15, 1993 to
Prof. Johnson, the co-Chair of the Programming Committee, at

             Jeremy R. Johnson
     Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
             Drexel University
         Philadelphia, PA 19104 USA
           Phone: (215) 895-2893
      e-mail: jjohnson at

Authors will be notified of acceptance decision of their papers by July 1,
1993.  Final copies of camera ready manuscripts for accepted papers will be
due at the Symposium on October 7, 1993.  The Symposium Proceedings will be
published by Springer-Verlag.

                        TUTORIAL WORKSHOP

  The symposium will have two parts.  The first part, on Wednesday,
  October 6, will be an introductory workshop on quantifier elimination
  and cylindrical algebraic decomposition.  It is intended for
  mathematicians, scientists, and engineers who would like an introduction to
  the subject.  The workshop will be conducted by Prof. Collins and members of
  his research group.  On Thursday and Friday, the second part of the
  symposium will be devoted to research presentations --- both invited and


  The symposium will be held at RISC-Linz.  RISC is located in
  Hagenberg, a 15-minute drive from Linz.  Hotel accommodations will be
  available in Linz and a shuttle service will provided between Linz
  and Hagenberg.

                             TRAVEL FUNDS

  It is anticipated that funds to help defray travel expenses for a few
  graduate students and recent PhDs will be available.  To apply for such
  funds, USA participants should contact B. F. Caviness.
  Others should contact Prof. Buchberger at the address below.

                            MORE INFORMATION

  For more information and to add your name to the symposium mailing
  list, return the form below to

     B. F. Caviness
     Department of Computer & Information Sciences
     103 Smith Hall
     University of Delaware
     Newark, DE 19716 USA
     Phone: 302/831-8234
     email: caviness at







I am interested in the Symposium and plan

  |_| to attend

  |_| submit a paper

  |_| would like information on travel funds

                       SYMPOSIUM COMMITTEES

  Symposium Chair

     Bruno Buchberger
     Johannes Kepler Universitaet
     A-4040 Linz
     email: buchberg at

  Program Committee

     D. Arnon, Xerox PARC, USA
     B. Caviness, Delaware, USA (Co-Chair)
     H. Hong, RISC-Linz, Austria
     J. Johnson, Drexel, USA (Co-Chair)
     M. Kalkbrener, ETH, Switzerland
     E. Kaltofen, RPI, USA
     D. Kozen, Cornell, USA
     W. Krandick, RISC-Linz, Austria
     D. Lazard, Univ. of Paris VI, France
     S. McCallum, Macquarie University, Australia
     J. Renegar, Cornell, USA
     V. Weispfenning, Univ. of Passau, Germany

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