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Re: Indexing Output Files

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  • Subject: Re: Indexing Output Files
  • From: keiper
  • Date: Tue, 29 Jun 93 09:30:19 CDT

Jean Peccoud asks about indexing files:

	> It would be much easier to save each polynomial in a
	> separate file but I cannot find any simple
	> way to index output files.

Get[ ] and Put[ ] take the file name as a string.  String manipulation is
quite easy, for example:

In[25]:= Table[StringJoin["foo.", ToString[index]], {index, 5}]

Out[25]= {foo.1, foo.2, foo.3, foo.4, foo.5}

In[26]:= InputForm[%]

Out[26]//InputForm= {"foo.1", "foo.2", "foo.3", "foo.4", "foo.5"}
Jerry B. Keiper
keiper at

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