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ArcLengthPartition/plane curve segments

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  • Subject: [mg335] ArcLengthPartition/plane curve segments
  • From: Xah Y Lee <xyl10060 at>
  • Date: Fri, 16 Dec 1994 08:58:12 -0800 (PST)

Dear MathGroupers,

What is the best way to write a program that will return a list of t(s) 
of a parametric curve such that these points will cut the curve into 
equal-length segments? Here's my best shot

ArcLengthPartition::usage = "
        ArcLengthPartition[{xf,yf},{tmin,tmax}, n] returns a list 
        of t parameters {tmin, t1, t2,..., tmax}, such that the points 
        {xf[ti],yf[ti]} cut the parametric curve into n seqments of equal 
        For example, to cut the Sine curve from 0 to 2 Pi into 6 segments,
        do ArcLengthPartition[ { #&, Sin}, {0, 2 Pi}, 6].
        Note: ArcLengthPartition may take a long time if n is large.";
ArcLengthPartition[{f_, g_}, {tmin_, tmax_}, n_ ] :=
      Module[{ x, integrand, s},
        integrand = Compile[{t}, Evaluate[ Sqrt[ f'[t]^2 + g'[t]^2 ] ] ];
        s = Compile[ {t}, NIntegrate[ integrand[x], {x, tmin, t}] ];
        x = x /. (FindRoot[ s[x] == #, {x, #}]&/@
	        Range[ 0, s[tmax] , s[tmax]/n]);

To test ArcLengthPartition, we can do the following

ptsGP = 
        Point[{#^2 Cos[#], #^2 Sin[#]}]& /@ 
        ArcLengthPartition[ {#^2 Cos[#]&, #^2 Sin[#]&} , {0, 8 Pi}, 6]

ParametricPlot[ {t^2 Cos[t], t^2 Sin[t]},
        { t, 0, 4 2 Pi},
        Epilog->{Hue[.7], PointSize[.02],ptsGP}

It works all-right, but it's very clumsy and slow. Is there a better way?

I know there is a theorem that says every parametric curve can be 
re-parametrized to form a unit-parametrization such that the parameter t 
represents the length of the curve directly. But the problem is how to go 
about finding the re-parametrization for arbitrary curve?

Thank all for helping.

 Xah Lee		         Quote of the day:
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