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Better printing on non-postscript printers using a Mac

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  • Subject: [mg338] Better printing on non-postscript printers using a Mac
  • From: gdelfino at (Gustavo Delfino)
  • Date: Sun, 18 Dec 94 22:42:08-040

        Hello mathgroup members, this is my first posting and I would like
to share with you a tecnique to improve graphic printing on a
non-postscript printer such as a DeskWriter or StyleWriter. This is the
RAM-hungry recipe:

1) Save your notebook. A good graph to include could be:
2) Click on a graph to select it.
3) Click on the lower part of the window where you see 100% and select "Other".
4) Enter the percentage according to the following table:

        dpi     |%     |
        360     |500   |  StyleWriter at best resolution
        300     |416.67|  DeskWriter  at best resolution
        180     |250   |  StyleWriter at low resolution
        150     |208.33|  DeskWriter  at low resolution
        144     |200   |  ImageWriter II at best resolution
        dpi     100 dpi/72

5) Click "Render PostScript" on the Graph menu.
6) Select 100% on the lower part of the window to return to the original size.
7) Select "Printing Options..." on file menu.
8) Select: Print graphics as -> Bitmaps, and then click OK.
9) Print your notebook.
10) DO NOT SAVE YOUR NOTEBOOK. When you render the graphics at a big size,
you will have a big notebook that will take a lot of space from your hard
drive. Instead is better just to rerender before printing.

This works on the Macintosh Front End. If it works on other platforms
please inform about it.

I have a tricky QuickKeys sequence that automate all the process, even for
multiple graphs at the same time. If anyone is interested please let me

I hope someone finds this information useful.


|Gustavo Delfino          |gdelfino at|
|Universidad Metropolitana|  CompuServe: 73000,1127|
|Ingenieria Mecanica      |      FAX:(582) 963-7726|
|Caracas, Venezuela       |                        |

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