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Mathematica Conference

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  • Subject: Mathematica Conference
  • From: "\"Dara M. Pond\"" <dara>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Feb 1994 09:11:09 -0600


The 1994 Mathematica Conference will give advanced users an opportunity
to meet Wolfram Research staff and other Mathematica experts to share
and exchange experiences and ideas.  The conference will feature
workshops, forums, luncheons, a computer lab, and a series of
informative, practical sessions.  Several sessions are dedicated to
helping users create Mathematica packages, MathLink applications,
Mathematica books, and interactive texts.

University of Illinois, Illini Union, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

April 21-23, 1994
There will be an Opening Reception on Wednesday evening, April 20th.
Conference sessions will begin at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, April 21st,
and end at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 23rd.

o  Opening Reception
     Wednesday Evening, 20th floor of the University Inn, Champaign
o  Opening Address 
     "The State of Mathematica", Stephen Wolfram
o  Mathematica Tutorials 
o  Forums 
o  Sessions 
o  Problem-Solving Clinics 
o  Computer Lab
o  Conference Attendee Presentations
o  Tour of Wolfram Research, Inc.

Key Sessions
  o  Programming Case Studies 
  o  Mathematica Notebook Design 
  o  Package Design 
  o  Documentation Design 
  o  How to Write Mathematica Courseware
  o  MathLink: Calling Mathematica via MathLink 
  o  MathLink: Calling Programs from Mathematica

Business Sessions
  o  Software Developer Marketing Programs and Support 
  o  Packaging, Marketing, and Distributing your Product
  o  Intellectual Property Issues

Mathematica Tutorials
These tutorials will cover advanced topics and new features 
in upcoming versions of Mathematica.
  o  The Mathematica Front End 
  o  Mathematica Numerics  
  o  Mathematica Symbolics 
  o  Mathematica Graphics 
  o  Mathematica Programming 

  o  Mathematica Q&A
       An open question and answer forum that gives participants the
       opportunity to ask Stephen Wolfram a wide range of technical
       questions, particularly ones covering the design of Mathematica
       and opportunities for Mathematica packages.
  o  MathLink Q&A
       Shawn Sheridan will present a brief historical and design
       overview of MathLink. The forum will then turn to a question
       and answer format.
  o  Mathematica Books Forum
       Authors talk about their experiences in writing Mathematica books.  
       Wolfram Research	publication staff will also be present to answer 
       questions and distribute a collection of tools and documentation.
  o  Courseware Forum
       University professors present their Mathematica-based courseware 
       to give ideas and guidance for developing new courseware. 
  o  Electronic Publishing with Mathematica 
       Wolfram Research staff will discuss new tools and concepts in 
       electronic publishing with Mathematica.
  o  Meet WRI
       Short presentations from all the groups at Wolfram Research.

Be sure register soon!  Attendence for the 1994 Mathematica Developer 
Conference will be limited.

European Conference
There is a user conference currently being planned for the July '94
timeframe in Oxford, England.  This conference will be intended for
active and advanced users, as well as users interested in creating
Mathematica packages, MathLink applications, Mathematica books, and
interactive texts.  For more information, please email
euro-conf at

Other Mathematica Conferences
Wolfram Research also sponsors conferences and tutorials for new and
intermediate Mathematica users.  If you are interested, please
electronic mail to conf at or send a FAX to the Mathematica
Conference Administrator at: 217-398-0747.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                         REGISTRATION FORM

    ** 1994 Mathematica Developer Conference for Advanced Users **

Please complete and return this form and email to devconf at -or-
print and mail to: 1994 Mathematica Developer Conference, Wolfram 
Research, 100 Trade Center Drive, Champaign, Illinois  61820-7237

Street address:
ZIP/Postal code:

Please answer the following questions:

* Which field do you feel best represents your area of work/study:

  [ ] Administration           [ ] Arts/Humanities
  [ ] Business/Finance         [ ] Computer sciences
  [ ] Engineering              [ ] Life sciences
  [ ] Mathematical sciences    [ ] Physical sciences
  [ ] Social sciences          [ ] Other

  [ ] I am currently using Mathematica to teach 

* What type of computer do you use?

* Please describe your Mathematica project(s). 

* What would you specifically like to accomplish at this conference?

* Do you plan to bring your own portable computer?   [ ] Yes
                                                     [ ] No
  If yes, what kind?

* Please give any additional comments or suggestions you have for 
  the Developer Conference.

If you are interested in giving a short presentation about your work 
with Mathematica at the Developer Conference, please contact Jane Rich 
at 217-398-0700 or rich at before March 1, 1994.

Conference Fee

Developer Conference registration fee:

[ ] before March 18th  ................................$225.00

[ ] after March 18th  .................................$295.00

Fee includes all conference sessions, conference binder, lunch each day 
of the conference, drinks and snacks, and other conference materials.

Please charge my conference registration fee to:

   [ ] Mastercard        [ ] VISA

Card Number:
Expiration date:
Cardholder's name: 


I have enclosed:  [ ] Check     [ ] Money order

Hotel Reservations

***  Must reserve by March 18th  ***

University Inn, 302 E. John, Champaign, IL 61820.  
   [ ]  Single: $54.00
   [ ]  Double: $62.00, [ ] one bed -or- [ ] two beds  
   The University Inn is the host hotel for the 1994 Mathematica
   Developer Conference.  The University Inn is located within 
   walking distance -four blocks- of the Illini Union (location 
   of conference activities) and is close to the heart of campus.

Please indicate which nights you plan to stay at the hotel:
  [ ] Wednesday, April 20
  [ ] Thursday, April 21
  [ ] Friday, April 22
  [ ] Saturday, April 23

Please complete the following credit card information.  All major
credit cards are accepted.  This information will be used to hold the
reservation only; you may choose the form of payment upon arrival at
the hotel. 

[ ] Please use the same credit card listed above (for conference fee)
[ ] Other VISA         [ ] American Express
[ ] Other Mastercard   [ ] Discover

Card Number:
Expiration date:
Cardholder's name: 

If for some reason you are unable to attend the conference, please 
notify WRI and we will cancel the hotel reservation immediately.

Opening Reception
All attendees and their guests are invited to attend an opening
reception hosted by Wolfram Research on Wednesday, April 20, from 7 to
9pm on the 20th floor of the University Inn. The opening reception is
an opportunity to meet and talk with fellow Mathematica users, Wolfram
Research staff, and Mathematica book publishers. 

[ ] I plan to attend 
[ ] I plan on bringing [ ] guest(s)
[ ] I will not be able to attend

[ ]  I will be bringing family and would like an Activities Packet
     (the packet includes maps of the U of I campus and Champaign-Urbana, 
     area shopping centers and restaurants, and novel attractions)

[ ]  I would like to bring my spouse/family to the luncheon with me on:
         [ ] Thursday, April 21, number of additional people:
         [ ] Friday, April 22, number of additional people:
         [ ] Saturday, April 23, number of additional people:
     (there is no extra charge, we would just like advance notice)

Registration Confirmation
We will send you a confirmation along with all necessary maps, hotel
information, and schedules by April 10th. Please contact us if for some 
reason you have not received these materials by then.

Nondisclosure Agreement
All attendees must sign a non-disclosure agreement before the conference.
Please return with your registration form (either printed or electronic).

______________________________________ ("Attendee")
wishes to attend the 1994 Mathematica Developer Conference for Advanced
Users scheduled for April 21 to 23, 1994.  Attendee understands
that Wolfram Research, Inc. (WRI) will disclose confidential and
proprietary materials at the Conference.  Attendee agrees not to
use or disclose confidential information or proprietary materials other
than as authorized by this agreement.

"Confidential Information" means all information, not in the public
domain, disclosed by WRI during the Conference.  Confidential
Information includes, but is not limited to, information about
unreleased versions of WRI's products and information about WRI's

"Proprietary Materials" means all materials, not in the public domain,
distributed by WRI at the Conference.  Proprietary Materials include,
but are not limited to, Mathematica code, software tools, and TEX

Attendee is authorized to make personal use of Confidential Information
and Proprietary Materials to enhance the benefits of Mathematica to the
Attendee.  Attendee is not authorized to reproduce or distribute
Confidential Information or Proprietary Materials (unless permission to
do so is granted in writing) or to use Confidential Information or
Proprietary Materials to enhance the use of any product that could be
considered to compete with Mathematica.

Attendee name (signature): 



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