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Parametric to Differential

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  • Subject: Parametric to Differential
  • From: "ALDO-PIER SOLARI" <G321964 at>
  • Date: Sun, 2 Jan 1994 03:12:50 GMT

I would need some help regardin the following task:

I have developed a highly complex model (fish pop. dynamics).
There are 2 parametric equations which I would Mathematica to crunch
into a differential equation.

What functions do I have to use in Mathematica to carry on the 
operation ?

The equations are of the type:

F1(x) = (b-c/2)+(((cos(2*pi/tp*8x-i)^[2*ceil(rnd(m))-1])-1)+ ...

F2(x) = ((-(h*m*pi)/2*tp))*((cos(2*pi/tp*8x-i)))^[2*ceil(rnd(m-2))-
1]) ...

F1(x) against x describes stock in time;
F2(x) against x describes the recruitment rate in time;
F2(x) as dependent (y axis) against F1(x) dexcribes the state space.

Please, refer even to pp in the manuals.
Any help shall be welcome.
Regards, Aldo-Pier.

(*) Aldo-Pier Solari [MSc, PhD cand.],
    Fisheries Research Group, 
    University of Las Palmas [ULP], Box 50, 
    International: <SOLARIS at OBERON.ULPGC.ES>, 
                   <SOLARIS at EDI.ULPGC.ES>; 
    Local:         <G321964 at CICEI.ULPGC.ES>; 
    fax:           <34 (28) 45 29 22>. 

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