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Re: Laplace transform

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  • Subject: Re: Laplace transform
  • From: markm (Mark Moline)
  • Date: Thu, 2 Jun 1994 09:02:45 -0500

I would point out that the author has also made this code
available on MathSource.  The item number is 0206-738 and can be
found in the WhatsNew directory on the MathSource FTP and
Gopher sites (  To have a copy of this
material sent to you by electronic mail, send an email message
containing the line "Send 0206-378" to the MathSource server
at mathsource at  A copy of the MathSource listing for
this code is attached below. 

--Mark Moline
MathSource Administrator
Wolfram Research, Inc.
markm at	ms-admin at

0206-738: Approximate Inversion of Laplace Transform (May 17, 1994)
          Authors: Alexander Cheng
          The Laplace transform is often applied to linear partial
          differential equations to eliminate the time dimension. The
          analytical solutions thus obtained need to be inverted to the time
          domain.  This package provides the Mathematica utility for
          approximate inversion of Laplace transform.

          0011:  NLapInv.m Mathematica package (May 1994; 11 kilobytes)

          0022:  NLapInvDemo.m Demonstration file (May 1994; 4 kilobytes)

          0033:  README.txt Authors notes (May 1994; 1 kilobyte)

Begin forwarded message:

> Date: Tue, 31 May 94 10:09:31 PDT
> From: gfield at (Glen  Field)
> To: mathgroup at
> Subject: Re: Laplace transform
> Subject: Numerical (Inverse) Laplace Transform

> With regard to the recent postings about the inversion of
> Laplace transforms, I refer you to an article in "The
> Mathematica Journal", Vol. 4, Issue 2, Spring 1994, pp. 76-82
> entitled "Approximate Inversion of the Laplace Transform".

> The authors present implementations of four different
> methods for computing the inverse laplace transform in
> Mathematica. The code is available in a package called
> NLaplaceInversion.m on diskette in the electronic
> supplement of the journal. 


> I hope this helps.

> Glen
> gfield at ME.Uvic.CA

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