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re: Re: Global styles definitions

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  • Date: Mon, 13 Jun 94 10:42:54 EDT

Richard Mercer <richard at>, quoting YHS, wrote:
>>  There's also a way to apply the defaults to existing
>>  notebooks, but be warned that it will change *all* styles
>>  in the target notebook, not just the one(s) you altered,
>>  to their default values.

>Please provide details on how to do this in Windows. I am used to Macs and
>NeXTs where it is no problem, but struggled mightily and could not do it in 
>the Windows version.

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Depends on which Windows version you're running.  In version 2.2.2 (the 
latest shipping upgrade, I believe), under the (S)tyles menu, there is an 
option (A)ll Default Styles that does it.  If you're running an earlier 
version and don't have this, there is still a way, but I've forgotten the 
precise details.  I *think* what you do is go to the (S)tyles menu, select 
Edit (N)otebook Styles to get into the style sheet for that notebook, and 
then delete everything and either inhale the default style notebook or paste 
in its contents (which would imply having copied them to the clipboard first, 
using the option in the same menu to open the default notebook).  Apparently, 
as of version 2.2.2 (or was it 2.2?), Mma has stopped treating the style 
sheets as pseudo-notebooks and gone to a more direct way of accessing them.

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