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Re: Data

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  • Date: Fri, 24 Jun 94 09:47:47 EDT

>I would like to know how to use data from a data file
>to solve an equation in a continuous loop. What procedures
>do I need to take to obtain this goal? Could someone please
>direct me in the right direction?
>Lost in Illinois
Do you mean that you want to solve an equation repeatedly using sets of
parameter values read from a file?  One way would be something like this:

p = ReadList[ "file", {Number, Number, ... Number} ];
  (* reads parameters into p; see section 2.10.6 of the gospel according
     to Wolfram for syntax *)
While[ !MemberQ[ p, EndOfFile ],
  (* if the data file ended, p will contain the symbol EndOfFile in one
     or more entries - if it ran out in the right place, p will be *all*
     EndOfFiles - see p. 498)
       <your code goes here>;
       <output your solution someplace>;
       p = ReadList[ "file", {Number, Number, ... Number} ]
  (* grab the next round of parameters *)
(* when you get here, you're done *)


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