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Re: Writing Lists to files

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  • Subject: Re: Writing Lists to files
  • From: egreaves
  • Date: Thu, 31 Mar 94 10:11:51 CDT

> Without seeing the EXACT input it is difficult to comment on
> why this is not working.   However it is possible to make
> a Graphics3D object and save it in a file to be restored later.
> The same can be done for any other Mathematica expression.
> coringa [40] twj> math
> Mathematica 2.2 for NeXT
> Copyright 1988-93 Wolfram Research, Inc.
>  -- NeXT graphics initialized -- 
> In[1]:= a = ParametricPlot3D[ {Sin[t], Cos[t], z},
>                 {t,0,2Pi}, {z,0,2}]
> Out[1]= -Graphics3D-
> In[2]:= a >> file.dat 		(* save the object *)
> In[3]:= Exit
> In[2] is shorthand for Save[ "file.dat", a]

I just noticed this as a response to someone through mathgroup.  I've
had problems using Save to store graphics.  Put is much better to use
and is not equivalent to Save.  Save stores the FullDefinition of the
graphics object which is platform specific because it saves the values
of the $DisplayFunction and all other supporting definitions.  This
means that graphics saved with Save are platform dependent.  This
method of saving also triggered a bug which caused the graphics to fail
to display when re-loaded.  This bug was one which omitted one of the
spaces in the definition of $MotifString which caused the execution of
motifps to fail.


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