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Re: Math on Sun..Help!

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  • Subject: Re: Math on Sun..Help!
  • From: prange at (Michael Prange)
  • Date: Fri, 21 Oct 1994 09:15:06 -0400 (EDT)

This may not be the most elegant way, but it should work.  First, make
all the cells to be executed into Initialization cells.  To do this, 
look under the Style menu for the Attributes item.  Then cd to the
directory of the notebook and type

math -batchoutput -run "<<" <<! >& math.out &

This will simply execute all your initialization cells and then Quit.
Any output is send to math.out.  To output a PS file, I just the
command PSFile, which is defined by

System`PSFile::usage =
        "PSFile[file,-graphics-] sends the postscript version of graphics to a file."
PSFile[file_String,x_] := ( Display[ToString[StringForm["!psfix > ``", file]], x]; x )

  > The question is : How can I run a notebook in the background? and is it
  > possible to put the plot in an output postscript file so that when I login
  > later the plot would be easily accessible?

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