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Re: Math on Sun..Help!

  • To: mathgroup at christensen.Cybernetics.NET
  • Subject: Re: Math on Sun..Help!
  • From: Gary S. Anderson gAnderson at <m1gsa00 at>
  • Date: Fri, 21 Oct 94 09:13:46 -0400

if i am not mistaken, another alternative similar to that suggested by
your administrator would be to use the unix  command "nice"

as in 

yourSystem% nice mathematica  or 
yourSystem% nice math

this would give your process lower priority in the scheduling and allow
others to make more progress.

nice has options for setting the level of niceness.

ps you can also use $Display(either globally setting or as an
option) to write postscript file instead of
showing on screen and use Save to save objects from a batch session.
see page 30 of mathematicas sun workstation users' guide.

the following sends output to my printer

PSPrint[System`Private`x_] := 
  (Display["!psfix | lpr", System`Private`x]; System`Private`x)

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