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Re: Mathematica with Windows 95

  • Subject: [mg2730] Re: Mathematica with Windows 95
  • From: skyluke at (Luke)
  • Date: Sat, 9 Dec 1995 23:01:42 -0500
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  • Newsgroups: wri.mathgroup
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rpiyaket at (Ram Piyaket) wrote:

>I was wondering if the latest version of Mathematica (2.2.3) 
>can handle a long filename under windows 95.
>I appreciate any information you might give.

Hi Ram (by the way, you need it a lot to use Mma!!!),

I currently use Mma 2.2.4 (student ver) under Win 95 and, up to now
(I've bought Mma since a few weeks), I can't say that Mma handles long
filenames(LFN) correctly. Infact Mma loads correctly any LFN file with
"<<" command but, strangely, refuses to load any related LFN files.
That's an example notebook I tried:

<< hyper`Hyperbolic`
Get::noopen: Can't open hyper`Hyperbolic`.

As you can see, Mma opens neither Hyperbolic.m nor any LFN files
Hyperbolic.m refers to. Of course I have to say that the directory
where all those LFN files are in is the $Path variable of Mma, and
also that Mma doesn't this behaviour with normal 8 chars filenames
(I've already tested that) indeed.

I posted a message to Mathgroup and WOlfram support too. From the 1st
I was told that it could be an installation problem, while I'ven't had
any replies from Wolfram technical support since 2 weeks!!!

In my opinion it's not an installation problem but it's related with
the way Win95 saves LFN: win95 links LFN with a DOS name in which the
1st 6 chars are the same of LFN and then appends a ~ plus a
progressive number. That "~"+number is the unique reference as DOS
filename; but Mma used to search for a DOS filename (of course Mma
doesn't see native LFN cause it's a win16 app) with the 1st 8 chars
are the same of the LFN, not 6! That could be the reason why Mma seems
fail to find the files.

I open that could be helpful! Anyway if you have some additional
information, please let me know; thanks!


										Luca Specchio

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