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Re: Formated output

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  • Subject: [mg1659] Re: [mg1531] Formated output
  • From: Allan Hayes <hay%haystack at>
  • Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 03:17:09 -0400

Bengt Mansson <bengtmn at>
in [mg1531] Formated output

>How can I get formated output from Mathematica, e g normal  
integral > signs.


I guess that we are all waiting for the next version of Mma so that  
we can do this sort of thing properly. Meanwhile here is something  
that I have used while waiting.

(int is a dummy non-evaluating integral
You can remove the special version for the Mac if yu don't like the  
small integral sign provided in the Courier font)

intsign =
   If[$MachineType === "Macintosh", FromCharacterCode[186],
      ColumnForm[{" /","|","|","/ "},Left, Center]

Format[int[f_,x_]]:=  SequenceForm[ intsign, f," d",x ];

Format[int[f_,{x_,a_:" ",b_}]]:=
      intsign," ",
      ColumnForm[{Superscript[b]," "," ",Subscript[a]},Left,Center],
      " ",f," d",x


Format[Integrate[f_,x_]]:=  SequenceForm[intsign, f," d",x ];

Format[Integrate[f_,{x_,a_:" ",b_}]]:=
      intsign," ",
      ColumnForm[ {Superscript[b]," "," ",Subscript[a]},Left,Center],
      " ",f," d",x




	 / b
	|    h[x] dx
	/  a


	 / b
	|    h[x] dx
	/  a

Allan Hayes
hay at

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