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Re: Tick marks on Axes AND Frame?

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  • Subject: [mg945] Re: [mg869] Tick marks on Axes AND Frame?
  • From: Allan Hayes <hay%haystack at>
  • Date: Wed, 3 May 1995 00:24:29 -0400

Jim Thevenot, [mg869] Tick marks on Axes AND Frame?

> Is there a way to get tick marks on both the Axes and the Frame of 
> a graph?I can get one or the other but never both.
> Also, I don't seem to be able to label the tick marks on the top
> and right sides of the Frame.  They are in the right place but the 
> label is being ignored.

I believe that the last (label) problem is a bug.

Here is one way round the first problem


   myPlot[a__, opts___?OptionQ]:=
	   FullGraphics[Plot[ (
	   	DisplayFunction -> Identity,
	   	Frame -> False,
	   FilterOptions[Graphics, opts]
	PlotStyle -> Hue[0],
	PlotRange -> All,

	Ticks ->{Automatic,{{-1,BB},-.2}},
	Frame -> True,
	FrameTicks ->{{{-2,aa},-1},{{-1,bb},-.2},Automatic,Automatic}

Using FullGraphics with Frame->False fixes the axes and ticks as  
graphics elements ( not as option settings ). Without Frame -> False  
the ticks would not be constructed.
Then Show is use to implement instructions from the graphics  
options in opts.

Allan Hayes
hay at

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