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Re: I don't know how to ....

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  • Date: Sun, 5 Nov 1995 16:06:51 -0500
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In article <471hgv$gb3 at>,
   bientin at (Paolo Bientinesi) wrote:
->Hi all,
->here's my problem:
->I need  a function that takea as input a list of pairs;
->the first element of every pair is a list, the second one is an integer;
->I want the function to calculate thhe
->biggest integer and to give as output the corresponding list.
->I didn't succeeded.
->Paul DJ a
In[1]:=  Clear[f];
         f[ x:{{_List, _Integer}..} ] := Sort[ Reverse /@ x ][[-1, 2]]
In[2]:=  xx = {{{a,b,c}, 5}, {{d,e}, -3}, {{f,g,h,i}, 7}};
In[3]:=  f[xx]
Out[3]=  {f, g, h, i}

This is a trifle inefficient if your list is long, since it sorts the 
entire list (rather than just isolating the largest integer).  For long 
lists, a partial bubble sort might be better.  Also, I've ignored the 
question of resolving ties for largest integer; you might prefer to print 
all lists whose integers are tied (assuming ties can occur in your 

Paul Rubin

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