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Re: Help on use of Packages

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  • Date: Mon, 16 Oct 1995 11:53:57 -0400


The solution to this problem is to load the package 


If you are going to be doing a great deal of Matrix Manipulations you would
want to issue the command

	Needs["LinearAlgebra`MatrixManipulation`"]--- mathematica's PC command

	<<LinearAlgebra`MatrixManipulation	--- mathematica's Ultrix command

What is occurring is that there is no definition loaded for

	AppendColumns, AppendRows, etc.

You can check this using


To see that this is the case, I suggest trying the following sequence of 
commands at the start of a mathematica session on an ECS pc. [The user resides
at the same site as myself]


On our Ultrix/Unix systems do the following:


Be sure to have the apostrophes after LinearAlgebra and MatrixManipulation.

That should solve the problem. 

John Duggan
Engineering Computer Services
Univ. Mass. Amherst

>>From:	IN%"zheng at" 12-OCT-1995 09:42:23.36
To: mathgroup at
>>To:	IN%"mathgroup at"
>>Subj:	[mg2175] Help on use of Packages


>>I have the following problem when I use the LinearAlgebra`MatrixManipulation
>>Package. I also use Math2.2 for DOS and wnmath2.2 notebook. All of them have
>>the same result.

>>I am new to the Mathematica. Are there something I am doing wrong? I followed
>>the exact procedure described on pp 218-219 in the book Guide to Standard
>>Mathematica Packages Version 2.2.

>>I need to do a lot of matrix manipulations in my symbolic computation. Could
>>somebody help me to solve this problem?


>>Yuan Zheng
>>Dept of Mechanical Engineering
>>Umass, Amherst

>>The following is the screen display.

Mathematica 2.2 for DEC RISC
Copyright 1988-93 Wolfram Research, Inc.
 -- Terminal graphics initialized -- 

In[2]:= a = {{a11,a12},{a21,a22}}//MatrixForm 
Out[2]//MatrixForm= a11   a12

                    a21   a22

In[3]:= b = {{b11,b12},{b21,b22}}//MatrixForm
Out[3]//MatrixForm= b11   b12

                    b21   b22

In[4]:= cc = AppendColumns[a,b]//MatrixForm
Out[4]//MatrixForm= AppendColumns[a11   a12, b11   b12]

                                  a21   a22  b21   b22

In[5]:= Dimensions[cc]
Out[5]= {1}

In[6]:= dd = AppendRows[a,b]//MatrixForm
Out[6]//MatrixForm= AppendRows[a11   a12, b11   b12]

                               a21   a22  b21   b22

In[7]:= Dimensions[dd]
Out[7]= {1}

In[8]:= ee = BlockMatrix[ { {a,b},{b, {{0,0},{0,0}}}}]//MatrixForm
    AppendColumns[AppendRows[a11   a12, b11   b12], 

>                            a21   a22  b21   b22
    >   AppendRows[b11   b12, {{0, 0}, {0, 0}}]]

                   b21   b22

In[9]:= Dimensions[ee]
Out[9]= {1}

In[10]:= Quit

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