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RE: Help on use of Packages

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  • Subject: [mg2212] RE: [mg2175] Help on use of Packages
  • From: "John R. Fultz" <jfultz>
  • Date: Mon, 16 Oct 1995 11:54:07 -0400

The way you assign your variables a and b store MatrixForm as a part of
the variable:

In[2]:= FullForm[a]

Out[2]= MatrixForm[List[List[a11, a12], List[a21, a22]]]

The MatrixManipulation commands don't pass transparently through the
MatrixForm function; they instead treat it as a single entity.  If you
assign your vars without MatrixForm, it works.  If you'd like to still see
the output in MatrixForm, you can do:


Here the MatrixForm remains outside the assignment.

John Fultz
Wolfram Research, Inc.

>From: 	Yuan Zheng[SMTP:zheng at]
>To: mathgroup at
>Subject: 	[mg2175] Help on use of Packages


I have the following problem when I use the LinearAlgebra`MatrixManipulation
Package. I also use Math2.2 for DOS and wnmath2.2 notebook. All of them have
the same result.

I am new to the Mathematica. Are there something I am doing wrong? I followed
the exact procedure described on pp 218-219 in the book Guide to Standard
Mathematica Packages Version 2.2.

I need to do a lot of matrix manipulations in my symbolic computation. Could
somebody help me to solve this problem?


Yuan Zheng
Dept of Mechanical Engineering
Umass, Amherst

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