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using accents in graphs?

  • Subject: [mg2247] using accents in graphs?
  • From: Christian.Jost at (Christian Jost)
  • Date: Wed, 18 Oct 1995 05:55:31 GMT
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  • Newsgroups: wri.mathgroup
  • Organization: Universite Paris-Sud XI
  • Sender: daemon at ( )

Anybody out there using accents in mma-graphics? I have to use some french
plotlabels and text with the Text[] command withing the graphic. Whenever
I use an accent it is neatly displayed on screen (Mac), but when I print
the graphic on our laserwriter instead of accented letters there are just
I already tried $StringConversion=3DNone, this did not change anything.
The same when I save the graphic as EPS and then load it into a word
document: preview in word looks fine, but blanks when printing.

Any idea how to correct that?

Thanks a lot for any comment, Christian.

Christian Jost, Universit=E9 Paris-Sud XI, Orsay, France
jost at

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