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Re: ContourPlots

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  • Subject: [mg2052] Re: [mg2024] ContourPlots
  • From: lawry at (James Lawry)
  • Date: Mon, 18 Sep 1995 01:50:25 -0400
  • Organization: Oxford Centre for Industrial & Applied Mathematics

In article <DEzDwt.660 at>, Tom Wickham-Jones  <twj at> wrote:
>If you want to plot an implicit function then the command to use is ContourPlot.
>If you want to combine two contours you can do this with Show[plot1,plot2].
>When you do it you probably want to turn off contour shading so that one plot
>does not hide the other.
>In[8]:= ContourPlot[ x^2 +y^2-1, {x, -2,2},{y,-2,2},
>        ContourShading -> False, Contours -> {0}]
>Out[8]= -ContourGraphics-
>In[9]:= ContourPlot[ x^2 y^2-1, {x, -2,2},{y,-2,2},
>        ContourShading -> False, Contours -> {0}]
>Out[9]= -ContourGraphics-
>In[10]:= Show[%, %%]
>Out[10]= -Graphics-
>Tom Wickham-Jones

OK, now I want to have shading turned on and contour lines not
displayed for one function, and shading turned off and and contour lines
displayed in the other function, and show them both on the one plot.
So effectively I want different options for the two constituent plots at
the In[10] stage. Is this possible in Mathematica or will I have to go
back to doing it in another package?

James Lawry.

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