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Re: Poisson random numbers

  • Subject: [mg3232] Re: Poisson random numbers
  • From: txp at (JanHolland)
  • Date: 19 Feb 1996 11:04:13 -0600
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onm010 at (Dr. Stefan P. Mueller) wrote:

>Does anybody have a Poisson random number generator or do I have to write
>my own? I could not find anything on MathSource.


>Dr. Stefan P. Mueller, Nuklearmedizin, Universitaetsklinikum, Essen,
> e-mail: onm010 at, phone: <49> 201/ 723-4179, FAX: -5964

May be this is what you mean:

e=BinCounts[d,{0,xmax,1}]    (* which results from Poisson with freq y  *)
f=Sum[e[[y]],{y,1,xmax}]     (* totaal of the frequenties *)
g=N[e/f,2]		  (* relatieve frequenties, 2 cijfers precision *)
	,PlotRange->{0,1.5 ymax}]
	(*,Axes-> Automatic]*)  (* Plot of the Gauss-distr[av,root(av)] *)
poiss=BarChart[g, PlotRange -> {0,1.5 ymax}] (* idem of the Poisson[av] *)
	(* ,AxesLabel->"Klaswaarde,Klasfrequentie" *)

		,Automatic} ]

It is inspired by: "Applied Mathematica" by Shaw/Tigg, Addison Wesley page 361

Jan Holland txp at 
Individual/society/state/environment never existed separately. They needed each other to survive, so ...
Mutual assistance helps to survive=adapt=develop.
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