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Re: Unix Kernel with Windows frontend?

  • Subject: [mg2955] Re: Unix Kernel with Windows frontend?
  • From: Bernd.Cebulski at (Bernd Cebulski)
  • Date: 15 Jan 1996 05:43:40 -0600
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In article <4d20al$ejt at> Dieter Baurecht <Dieter.Baurech=
t at> writes:
>From: Dieter Baurecht <Dieter.Baurecht at>
To: mathgroup at
>Subject: Unix Kernel with Windows frontend?
>Date: 11 Jan 1996 03:31:33 GMT

>Is it possible to use an UNIX (SGI) Kernel of mathematica from a PC where
>the windows frontend 2.2.3 is running?

>How can I setup the win-frontend to connect to the Unix-Kernel.
>I have PC/TCP installed. I can also use X-Windows to run the frontend
>on the SGI. 

>The amount of data, which are stored on my PC, are some times too much for the 
>Win-Version (16MB + 32MB VM) of Mathematica. In that cases I want to use
 my windows notebooks (with ReadList commands on the PC) with the SGI Kernel.

All you need is a rexec/rsh programm for Windows. Try WinRsh with the 
following values in options/kernels 'kernel parameters'

"winrsh -l username -h hostname  -q "math -mathlink -LinkName $LinkName -LinkHost $LinkHost -LinkProtocol $LinkProtocol -LinkMode $Link Mode"

with 'hostname' and 'username' substituted and make link mode to 'Listen'
link protocol to 'TCP' that should work for you.

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