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Re: 3d graph

  • Subject: [mg3095] Re: [mg3054] 3d graph
  • From: penny at (Des Penny)
  • Date: 31 Jan 1996 04:25:43 -0600
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>I have what may be a very simple question but I have just
>started using Mathematica and can not figure it out.  I have
>a text file with lines of x y z values seperated by tabs, ie
>223.3   233.5   2894.0
>How do I get a 3d graph of the points?  I would appreciate any help
>or a location in the Stephen Wolfram book that explains this.  I have tried
>various functions ListPlot3D, Graphics3D but they either don't
>work or give me a surface that I know does not match the data.  I
>can read the data from the file correctly.  At least I think I have it
>in a proper format.  I use
>Which give me a list that looks like this
>{{-20., -20., 68272.796875}, {-19., -20., 67817.},
> {-18., -20., 67363.203125}, {-17., -20., 66911.398438},
> {-16., -20., 66461.601563}, {-15., -20., 66013.796875},
>Stephen Nichols

This is an addendum to Dave Wagner's suggestion on this (cf [mg3059]).

The following will also work:

data={{1,2,3}, {2,3,1},{3,2,-1},{4,5,3},{1,5,-2},{3,-2,4}};


        Axes->True, AxesLabel->{"x","y","z"}];

Another possible problem is that your sample data above has some scaling
problems in that the z data will dominate the x and y data.

Hope this helps,


Des Penny

Des Penny
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