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Re: Mathematica[2.2.3] && Win[95] := Poor[Performance]

  • Subject: [mg3400] Re: [mg3377] Mathematica[2.2.3] && Win[95] := Poor[Performance]
  • From: jfultz (John Fultz)
  • Date: 4 Mar 1996 09:54:16 -0600
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> Hello All !
> I just installed Mathematica 2.2.3 under Win 95: Cyrix 486-80Mhz,
> 8MB-RAM and about 90MB free space.
> I replace the MLLCL16.MLL and WORK! but tooooooooo ssslooow to LAUNCH
> the KERNEL. About 2 minutes. Then all the operations works fine; a little
> more slow than Mathematica 2.2.0. 
> How I could improve this performance ?

In your Windows 95 directory, look for a file called MATHLINK.INI (or in
the Explorer, it will say MATHLINK as the filename and Configuration Settings
as the File type).  Delete the file and re-add the protocol as per the
instructions that came with the protocol.  That will probably fix the
speed problems with launching the kernel.

> I read the lasts mails about MATHEMATICA POSTSCRIPT and I have the same
> problem to convert THIS postscript to STANDARD postscript under Windows,
> I'm looking for a program named PSPRINT but I can't found this file.

Select a cell and under the File menu, click Export.  Choose EPS.  The
converter is not perfect (e.g. fonts don't come out quite right), but it
does a reasonable job.  If you want a perfect conversion, you should get
RASTERPS, item 0203-634 on MathSource.  It's a DOS program, though, so
it's somewhat less convenient to use.

> Greetings from Nicaragua.
> Orlando Furlan
> National University of Engineering
> Managua, Nicaragua.  

Greetings from the States!

John Fultz
jfultz at
Applications Group
Wolfram Research, Inc.

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