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wrong behavoir of BinCounts

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  • Subject: [mg8234] wrong behavoir of BinCounts
  • From: Jose Luis Lugo Goytia <lugo at>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 21:16:51 -0400
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I am having the following problem with the BinCounts and
RangeCounts functions of the package Statistic`DataManipulation` 
of the Mathematica 3.0, and would appreciate any tips you might have.


and define the following function:

fun[a_List,q_Integer]:= Module[{aux1,aux2,amin,amax,h,pm,frq},
     aux1 = Flatten[a];
     {amin,amax} = { Min[a], Max[a] };
     h = N[(amax - amin)/q];
     pm = Join[{amin}, Table[amin + (i + 1/2)*h, {i,1,q-2}], {amax}] //N;
     frq = BinCounts[aux1,{amin,amax,h}]/Length[aux1] //N;
     aux2 = Inner[List,pm,frq,List];
     Interpolation[aux2]       ]
but when use it for some matrix of data 
A={{a_11,..,a_1n},...{a_m1,..,a_mn}}, and applied it to each row A[[k]],
for some index k, as Table[fun[A[[k]],10],{k,1,m}], then can't make the 
Inner command because the Length[frq] is different of the Length[pm], and 
therefore  can't make the interpolation. Moreover, if divide the 
segment {amin,amax} in q parts of size h, no always the Length[frq] is q,
but for other q1!=q is possible that the Length[frq]=q1.
However, for other matrix of data the function fun works.
How can I obtain Length[frq]=Length[pm] always? Any help appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Jose Luis Lugo Goytia
Instituto de Quimica, UNAM
lugo at
lugo at

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