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Comparison of Mathematica on Various Computers

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  • Subject: [mg8438] Comparison of Mathematica on Various Computers
  • From: Karl Unterkofler <karl at>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Aug 1997 00:42:47 -0400
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 ''Comparison of Mathematica on Various Computers''
is now on <a href="";>
(or <a href="";>)

If you don't have access to the Web send e-mail to
karl at for the latest version.

MMA 2.2 benchmark on
MMA 3.0 benchmark on

 New results MMA 3.0:

 AMD K6-200, 512K cache, 64  MB, Windows NT4 SP3<br>
 Pentium 60 MHz, Micronics M5Pi motherboard, 256 kb, 40 MB<br>
 Asus TX-97-X; AMDk6-200 OC 225MHz(3x75MHz); 2x32MB DIMM; Linux <br>
 Asus TX-97-X; AMDk6-200 OC 233MHz(3.5x66MHz); 2x32MB DIMM; Linux<br>
 PentiumPro 200MHz/233MHZ OC, 64MB, SMD, ASUS P/I-XP6NP5, Linux<br>
 SGI Origin200 2xR10K 180MHz, 1M L2, 128MB, IRIX6.4<br>
 PII 266MHz OC 300MHz, Quantex, Biostar M6TFX, 32MB, Linux<br>
 Power Macintosh 9600/350 256MB, 1MB L2 cache Mac OS 8 <br>
 200Mhz Pentium,  64Mb RAM, Windows 95 <br>

New results MMA 2.2:

 Powermac 9500/200, 64MB, 512kb, MacOS
 HP9000/700/J280, 180MHz, 512MB
 Powermac 9600/233, 96MB, 512kb, MacOS 7.5.5
 Pentium II-266MHz (dual CPU) 128MB, 512k L2, NTServer 4.0 (SP3)
 Pentium 60, 256 kb, 40 MB, Win 3.0
 PowerMac 9600/350,128MB,1MB L2, MacOS 8

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