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Re: How to get 2.334E+6 output form ?

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  • Subject: [mg5725] Re: How to get 2.334E+6 output form ?
  • From: dendzik at (Zbigniew Dendzik)
  • Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 14:29:15 -0500
  • Organization: Silesian University, Katowice, Poland
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Zbigniew Dendzik (dendzik at wrote:
: Sergio Rojas (sergio at wrote:

: (...)
: : How can one tell to Mathematica to write
: :                                                                   6
: : numbers in the form 2.3456E+6 instead of 2.3456*10^6 (or 2.3456 10 ).

: (...)
: :  How the data can be written to a file without the braces and comma in 
: : between?

: (...)

: Hi Sergio,

: Below is a simple piece of Mma code which I have written to solve this
: problem.

: RegularForm[x_]:= OutputForm[NumberForm[TableForm[x//N], ExponentFunction->
: (If[-10<#<10, Null, #]&), NumberFormat->(If[#3=="", SequenceForm[#1, #3],
: SequenceForm[#1, "E", #3]]&)]]

: If you put the above definition into the file named user.m (for example,
: or simply add it to your init.m file), you will get:

Not long after I have posted above message I noticed that some data
processing software (e.g. Origin (TM)) does not accept files with empty lines
between data. Below is the code that writes converted data in more condensed
form (without empty lines):

RegularForm[x_]:= OutputForm[NumberForm[TableForm[x//N, TableSpacing->{0, 6}], 
ExponentFunction->(If[-10<#<10, Null, #]&), NumberFormat->(If[#3=="", 
SequenceForm[#1, #3], SequenceForm[#1, "E", #3]]&)]]

--Zbigniew Dendzik
dendzik at

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