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Re: batch mode mathematica

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  • Subject: [mg5655] Re: [mg5641] batch mode mathematica
  • From: Mario Sancho Graca <M.S.Graca at>
  • Date: Sat, 4 Jan 1997 22:56:47 -0500
  • Organization: University of Warwick
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Peter wrote:
> hi there
> i'm on a sun machine running sunos 4.*.
> is it possible to give mathematica command line instructions?  something
> like:
> math << 'Plot[ Sin[x], {x,0,2*Pi} ]'
> if so, can i put it in the background and save the output to a file?
> nohup math << 'Plot[ Sin[x], {x,0,2*Pi} ]' > save_file &
> thanks!
> peter
> --
> You can sum some of the series some of the time,
> But you can't sum all of the series all of the time.
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To run Mathematica on the background I use the following procedure. The
aim is to start Mathematica at a specific time, run Mathematica commands
which are stored in a file, store the results in another file, then exit

The procedure has nothing to do with Mathematica itself, but with the
Unix operating system. In other words, the same can be done to any
application. The Unix 'at hhmm' command starts off a process at military
time hhmm. The construct ends with ^D (Control key + D). The construct
'<< eof ... eof' tells the shell that the commands are input for
Mathematica rather than for the shell itself.

A working code is as follows. Suppose that at 4.15 pm we want
Mathematica do run the code in file 'MathRemoteCode.txt', store the
results of the computations (a list) in file 'computedList1645010297'
and finally exit.

'at' command

at 1645
math << eof
Exit[ ]

contents of 'MathRemoteCode.txt'

Table[ Random[ ], {10} ] >> computedList1645010297

contents of 'computedList1645010297'

{0.2165258208963744, 0.4787984041170798, 0.6907162037992087,
  0.99395320442717, 0.0887044807992424, 0.5125555633332101,
  0.4060014270165736, 0.481372399489035, 0.2925335958104831}   


Mario Sancho Graca
University of Warwick
Department of Engineering
Coventry CV4 7AL
United Kingdom

Email: M.S.Graca at

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