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NIntegrate with variable region

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  • Subject: [mg6254] NIntegrate with variable region
  • From: Zvi Wiener <mswiener at>
  • Date: Mon, 3 Mar 1997 01:29:07 -0500
  • Organization: Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Dear Mathematica users,

I wish to take an indefinite integral of a piecewise
continuous function. For example: 

f[x_]:= Which[ x<0, 0, x<1, 1, x>=1, x];

I have a much more complicated function which depends on parameters,
but this example can demonstrate the problem.

I tried:
lst = {-1,0,1,2};
NIntegrate[ f[x], Prepend[lst,x]]

But the result was:

   Integration range specification Prepend[lst, x]
     is not of the form {x, xmin, ..., xmax}.

NIntegrate[f[x], Prepend[lst, x]]

I have found a solution which I hardly understand, but it works.

NIntegrate[ f[x],##]&@@{Prepend[lst, x]}
Out[71]= 2.5

(Mathematica 3.0 with Windows 95)

Can anybody explain to me why the first way did not work.
I have a situation when the upper limit of integration is a
variable and must be choosen automatically but then I have
to adjust the region of integration since for different values of
the upper limit there is a different number of singularities in the

Zvi Wiener.

Zvi Wiener					Business School
e-mail: mswiener at		Hebrew University
office:	972-2-588-3049				Mount Scopus
fax:	972-2-588-1341				Jerusalem 91905	ISRAEL

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