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Re: Lost greek letter list! Where is it?

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  • Subject: [mg6497] Re: [mg6460] Lost greek letter list! Where is it?
  • From: seanross at
  • Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 02:42:25 -0500 (EST)
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Rob Peterson wrote:
> seanross at wrote:
> >
> > robpeterson at wrote:
> > >
> > > I've used the greed symbol list for a long time but now its gone.
> > > I've spent hours looking thru the book (which tells me practically
> > > nothing about the user interface) , the help files (ditto) and the
> > > options editor with no luck.  I did find something called toolbars but
> > > never found what it was.  Anyhow, could some kind person tell me how
> > > to get my Greek letters back?  Also, the book implies that you can use
> > > keystrokes to get greek letters but I never got it to work.  Is it
> > > really possible to type something to get greek letters?
> > > Thanks for any help.
> > >
> > > I'm using 3.0 in NT4.0.
> > >
> > > Rop Peterson
> >
> > There actually is some interface information hidden in the help files.
> > It is in "Other Information/Menu commands".  Also, look under the
> > file(?) menu for palettes and chose the basicinput palette. It has the
> > greek alphabet included.
> > Also, you may want to check out the mathematica book on pages 906-929.
> > The "Keyboard shortcuts" you are looking for are called Aliases in the
> > mathematica book.  the strange symbol with the three vertical bars is
> > defined on page 902 as a standing for the esc key.  So, looking at the
> > table of greek letters on page 910,  esc a esc should get you the symbol
> > alpha, at least, it works that way on my machine.  I do sympathize with
> > you, it would have been a lot easier to understand if they had used the
> > standard symbol esc with a box around it and called it a keyboard
> > shortcut.
> Sean, thanks a lot for the help. Sure enough, the thing I was looking
> for is indeed the "pallette" -- I looked for everything but never
> thought of a "pallette" being what I want.  I've never seen the word in
> any book or the help.  I will now look at the "Other Information/Menu
> commands" -- maybe I can learn some basics about the interface.
> A real good catch would be finding out where you set the font size for
> the notebooks.  Every time I type a line, I have to go to the format
> menu and change the font size to 12 so I can read it!  I've been thru
> the help and options over and over and I see no clue where to change the
> default font size.  I feel sure it can be done because it was readable
> when I first installed 3.0.
> You have given me some hope, thanks again.
> Rob

 To re-set the default fonts for all new notebooks, look under 
format/edit style sheet.  A menu comes up giving you the choice to edit 
a shared style sheet(changes defaults for all new notebooks) or to 
import a private copy(changes defaults for current notebook only).  
After choosing to edit the shared style sheet, you can use any command 
on the format menu to change the styles given.  You might want to save a 
backup copy first under a different name in case you mess it up.  I 
agree that the documentation for the 3.0 front end is lacking, so you'll 
have to make up for it by trying everything in the menus to see what 
they do, then re-installing to restore it after you have totally messed 
it up.  At least, that was my learning method.  Good Luck.

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